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KIND & KINKY ZOO: Wonder Zebra (2016)

Wonder Zebra Kind Kinky ZooKind & Kinky Zoo have still got a weird name and new single Wonder Zebra might sound like the new project from Nathan Barley but blow me if it isn’t some sort of crazy-ass, fuzz-heavy, flute-funk antics! What’s needed to balance this is – hmm, let me see – a blaxploitation-esque remix of V.L.A.M. by Lack Of Afro – perfect for cruising through 1970s Berkeley, San Francisco. Yes, that

LACK OF AFRO: I Got The Rhythm feat. ELLIOTT COLE/ All My Love feat. JULIET ASHBY (2016)

I Got The Rhythm LOA Ellioot ColeRating: ★★★★★ “Has anyone seen the rhythm?”
“Yeah – I think Lack Of Afro and Elliott Cole were seen making off with it.”

They certainly were – haring off up the road ahead of the pack. Adam Gibbons has returned with the lead single I Got The Rhythm off new LP Hello Baby and turns in a raw slice of retro soul groove edged with soul jazzy piano frills and topped with


Freedom Lack Of Afro Jack Tyson CharlesThe next single from Lack Of Afro‘s well-received Music For Adverts LP is the soaring stadium funk of album-opener Freedom featuring Jack Tyson Charles. Then it gets complicated. The 7″ vinyl flip is exclusive Blue Note-ish soul-jazz-funk instro Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances while the digi-single consists of the JTC-featuring title cut, a stripped back Gene Dudley Group remix

ALEXIA COLEY: Drive Me Wild (2014) + video

Drive Me Wild Alexia ColeyRating: ★★★★★ More excellence from Alexia Coley in the shape of the latin-horns flavoured northern soul of Drive Me Wild. She gets tingles deep inside according to the lyrics, which is what you’ll get when you hear it this too. Comes in Lack Of Afro and Skeewiff flavours too. The former goes in softly-softly before ditching the doo-wop percussion and unleashing something a little

LACK OF AFRO: Music For Adverts (2014)

Music For Adverts Lack Of AfroAdam Gibbons, a.k.a. Lack Of Afro is back, lean and mean for ’14 with a fourth studio LP. And while his DNA may have cruelly denied him the chance to ever sport a halo of kinked black hair, the twelve track Music For Adverts nevertheless reveals again that here is a man who possesses a sizeable amount of funk and soul. Not to mention a little disco, some hip-hop, a touch of sixties rnb and a

LACK OF AFRO (feat. JACK TYSON-CHARLES): Recipe For Love (2014) + video

Functioning as an outrider for the next Lack Of Afro studio LP Music For Adverts due early-March is this easy-on-the-ear single. The jangly, northern soul-inflected Recipe For Love also comes complete with a winningly catchy vocal and lyrics from Jack Tyson-Charles, son of one Craig Charles, host of the world’s biggest funk and soul radio show on BBC Radio 6. If only, between them, LOA, JTC and

LACK OF AFRO feat. WAX & HERBAL T: P.A.R.T.Y. (2013) + video

Rating: ★★★★★ If your record is a slam dunk of an uptempo, b-boy breakin’ banger on which former Def Jam rapper Wax and his twin brother Herbal T bring their game and it’s going to get an ad synch with any company – it might as well be Adidas. Either that or Puma anyway. Here it’s the former, as slab of funk-based insanity PARTY (the hip-hop highlight of Lack Of Afro‘s 2011 LP This Time) is

VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club 2 (2013) Album release

Rating: ★★★★★ Has it been a year already since Freestyle Records dropped the first Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club comp? Actually, it’s been slightly more than a year though the arrival of number 2 suggests a CC’s Funk & Soul Club release is all set to become an annual recorded music event as well as a good night out for all the family. Did I say all the family? I just meant those who dig the

MR CONFUSE: Do You Realize: The remixes (2013)

This should be relatively simple to understand – Mr Confuse has had his recent Do You Realize LP remixed and he’s just released the results as Do You Realize: The remixes. In order to bring this about he’s assembled an impressive line up of production warriors which include a strong UK contingent (Smoove, Lack Of Afro, Daytoner, Dr Rubberfunk and Tom Eno) plus Hungarians

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top ’10’ Tracks 2012

(See Monkeyboxing.com – Top 10 Albums – 2012 HERE)
There was no way it was ever going to be a mere top ‘ten’ this year as it’s been a bumper year for bangers – so here’s fifteen. As always, choices were made using a highly complex selection-algorithm based on how often shit got played on the MB sound system.

1. Hidden Jazz Quartet feat. Omar – High Heels (Lack Of Afro remix)

Massive sixties soul-tinged floor-filling remix that never fails