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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2017

Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the biggest original tracks of 2017!
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1. Eric Boss – Closer To The Spirit

Stone cold dope of the late 70s block party variety from E Da Boss

THE LIBRARY MUSIC FILM: Extended Teaser (2017)

LIBRARY MUSIC FILM:  Extended Teaser (2017)Those MB readers with a good ear for samples (not to mention a penchant for using them) may remember news last year of a fundraising campaign to finance multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee’s labour-of-love documentary film about library music entitled – perhaps unsurprisingly – The Library Music Film. Clearly a staggering number of people have the excellent taste to have

DE LA SOUL: Pain (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Heart Attack Remix)(2017) Free download

DE LA SOUL:  Pain (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Heart Attack Remix)(2017) Free downloadDe La Soul’s recent Pain is the focus for Rhythm Scholar’s latest remix effort and it’s absolutely no physical hardship at all to listen his Rhythm Scholar Heart Attack Remix as he ups the funk factor with a healthy dose of The Commodores’ Brick House and their I Like What You Do. Not to mention a little bit of De La’s turn on Oliver’s Heart

EWAN HOOZAMI feat. AUDIBLE ONE: Remedy The Blues EP (2017) + 12″ Crowd funder

EWAN HOOZAMI feat. AUDIBLE ONE:  Remedy The Blues EPGot the early winter blues? You need a remedy for ’em. In fact, what you need is Ewan Hoozami’s Remedy The Blues EP feat. Audible One! What’s that all about then? Well for starters, it’s about Safari Strut – a Son Of Shaft-sample powered bit of party boom-bap with antipodean emcee Audible One on the mic – sample lyric, “Feel the vibration like a seisomograph/ cuz you’re

LONE NINJA feat. CONWAY THE MACHINE: Crime Wave (prod. BLAQ MASQ)(2017)

LONE NINJA feat. CONWAY THE MACHINE:  Crime Wave (prod. BLAQ MASQ)The Day Of Reckoning is coming. No, not that one you fools! Lone Ninja’s new LP Day Of Reckoning. And to whet your appetite, here is the latest leak from it – Crime Wave – featuring a melancholy piano-led beat from Blaq Masq and a first verse from Conway The Machine at his most heartless. Well, he is called the ‘Machine’. Sounds like the sort of time you might need a ninja around. A

ERTHLING: Magical Realizm (2017)

ERTHLING:  Magical Realizm (2017)Fans of Kool Keith and Deltron 3030 pay attention, for Erthling is here with new mini-album Magical Realizm. That’s not Earthling of mid-nineties ‘Bristol scene’ trip-hop mind (though there is common psychedelic ground here) but Erthling minus an ‘a’ – a.k.a. the new project from Alabama’s David Redwine – a.k.a the rapper/ producer formerly known as Slanguage

BOCA 45: Bombs From The Vaults (2017)

BOCA 45:  Bombs From The VaultsSoon to be unleashed on Bomb Strikes is the aptly titled Bombs From The Vaults on which the man known as Boca 45 drops no fewer than twenty-nine tracks requisitioned from his two decade career both as a solo artist and in multiple musical alliances including Purple Penguin, Dynamo Productions, The Beekeepers and Bocawoody. By way of a sampler, the label unleash four previously

LONG DISTANCE DAN: The Dustman Stirs (2017)

LONG DISTANCE DAN:  The Dustman Stirs (2017)The dustman stirs? Oh what – like on Wednesdays when you get rudely awakened by him and his mates? No Dougal. Not exactly. No, this’ll be The Dustman Stirs as in the latest release from that purveyor of psychedelic breaks, Long Distance Dan, not to mention being our man’s follow-up to 2015’s The Other Side Of The Sky EP and his full-length debut. And that’s ‘full-length’ as

SON OF SAM feat DENMARK VESSEY: System Animal (2017)

SON OF SAM feat DENMARK VESSEY: System Animal (2017)  Son Of Sam continue their unchallenged position as purveyors of the dopest hip-hop released this year with yet another single off recent debut long player, Cinder Hill. This time around it’s the single release treatment for the psychedelic jazz-flavoured broken beats of System Animal. This features Denmark Vessey’s antsy delivery of rhymes which are clearly the product of industrial

THE ALLERGIES: Dig Jalapeno (Album)(2017) + ‘Blast Off’ remix premiere

THE ALLERGIES:  Dig Jalapeno (Album)(2017) + 'Blast Off' remix premiereEverybody knows deejay-producers love nothing better than getting the keys to a record company’s back catalogue so one can only imagine the pants-wetting excitement Bristol duo The Allergies must have experienced when they recently gained access to Jalapeno’s vaults. Of course, having penetrated the inner sanctum, there was nothing left to do but have had a right old rummage. The