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CHRIS SULLIVAN presents: THE WAG Iconic Tunes From The Wag 1983-1987 (2016)

The Wag Chris Sullivan Iconic TunesForget Studio 54, surely the most debauched club in living memory has to have been Soho’s Wag club – the place everyone spent most of the 80s trying to get into despite a door policy so tight that a young KRS One even had trouble getting in on the night he was performing there. If you did make it in however, you could rely on a heady cocktail of music industry and showbiz alumni

SHAKA LOVES YOU: Summer Sessions Vol. 2 (2016) Free download

Summer Sessions Vol 2 Shaka Loves YouDisco biscuits, hotties in hotpants, skaters skating, chicks waxing their sticks, and emcee PRofit waxing lyrical – and that’s all just in the first two minutes of the audio-visual version of the latest full-length live mix marvel from Glasgow’s finest deck-nical chairmen of the board – Shaka Loves You! It’s Vol. 2 of what looks like becoming their regular festival season promotional effort Summer

HENRI PIERRE NOEL: The Reflex Revisions (2016)

Reflex Henri Pierre Noel RevisionsThe Reflex is many things – just ask Simon Le Bon – a lonely child waiting by the park, in charge of finding treasure in the dark and, if you’ve been even vaguely awake and at a funk and soul club in the last few years, a remixer with golden ear. Now he turns his attentions to revisions of the work of Haitian-Canadian keyboardist Henri Pierre Noel – specifically the latter’s Funky Spider Dance, Back

KOOL & THE GANG: Fresh (DJ INKO remix) (2016) Free download

Fresh DJ Inko Kool  The GangKnown for massive 1973 funk bump Jungle Boogie and other funk classics such as Chocolate Buttermilk, Hollywood Swinging and Funky Stuff, Kool & The Gang spent the greater part of the subsequent decade pumping out smooth and cheesy pop-funk. Among such 80s chart-botherers was Fresh – now rendered into a pneumatic slab of neo-disco courtesy of DJ Inko. It’s fresh, it’s

CHARLES BRADLEY: Ain’t It A Sin (ROCKNROLLA SOUNDSYSTEM edit) (2016) Free download

Aint It A Sin Charles Bradley Rocknrolla SoundsystemListen to what Rocknrolla Soundsystem have done with this cut by latterday soul king Charles Bradley and you might figure it’s a sin it ain’t been done sooner. It’s Bradley’s stank funk 2013 number Ain’t It A Sin of course which with the assistance of some RSS tinkering has now become a soul-heavy bit of pumping disco-boogie – most helpful for those looking to segue between funk

DJ REBEL: JB’s Need Some Money (2016) Free download

Doing It To Death DJ RebelMr Brown?
Mr Brown!
Say Mr Brown!
Give it to me!
How about a disco version of the JB’s 1973 hit You Can Have Watergate… from DJ Rebel!?

KATAKANA EDITS 41 (MORLACK): Vol. 41 (2016)

Morlack Katakana Edits 41Having ‘done’ disco for the last two volumes of its long-running and always quality series, the Katakana Edits team hire seasoned-dancefloor slayer Morlack to switch things up a bit. And switch them up a bit he does. Funk gets ready to roll on his uptempo Funk & Roll stomp which employs P-Funkisms left, right and centre while Ubirantan reworks afrobeat for the twenty-first

GOODGROOVE Disco featuring: SHAKA LOVES YOU (2016)

Shaka Loves You Goodgroove DiscoEnsure positive vibes this Valentine’s Day by making sure your old lady gets an earful of Shaka Loves You‘s forthcoming offering in the Goodgroove Disco series. The Glasgow-based outfit create mirrorball mayhem with a varied four-tracker which kicks off with the pumping If You Give featuring sax-y licks by Dave Towers. Also present and correct are Make It Last which

VARIOUS: Disco 4 Love – More More More Disco And Soul Uncovered (2016)

Disco 4 Love Al KentHmm – saucy cover featuring naked soul types in a love clinch and fifteen re-mastered obscure disco classics plus a small handful of edits of some of the choicest cuts on said release? I sense the lurking presence of the mighty Al Kent behind new BBE drop Disco 4 Love – the fourth in this particular series of Kent comps. which, to give it its snappy full title, should more properly be

PATTI BOULAYE: You Stepped Into My Life (CHICKY BOOM edit) (2016) Free download exclusive

You Stepped Into My Life Patti BoulayeIt’s not too early in the month for a funky disco edit is it? Ask the ladies and they’ll tell you it’s never too early for a funky disco edit so here’s Chicky Boom with his re-version of one to make the chicks go boom! What he’s done of course is to take the Bee Gees-penned You Stepped Into My Life by disco-fox Patti Boulaye (who herself was responsible for lending a bit more oomph to the