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DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL: Still Hungry LP (2017)

DJ FORMAT & ABDOMINAL Still Hungry LPRating: ★★★★★ You have to wonder if it ever occurred to DJ Format and MC Abdominal when their first collaboration, Ill Culinary Behaviour, dropped in 2001, that they’d still have an appetite for making quality boom-bap nearly two decades later. Back then the underground hip-hop scene was in rude health (like those who made the music) but over the intervening years, times have

DENNIS BROWN: Westbound Train (TARZAN BROS. edit)(2017) Free download

DENNIS BROWN: Westbound Train (TARZAN BROS. edit Free downloadIt’s nearly summer which means it’s nearly reggae, reggae time which means it is time for Tarzan Bros. to swing into action with an nifty early reggae edit. In this instance, the source material was the biggest Jamaican hit of 1973 – Dennis Brown’s Westbound Train and the edit finds Brown westbound in the twenty-first century. Not in an egregious way of course – this isn’t Southern

DUSTY DONUTS 11: Risin’ To The Top (JIM SHARP edit)/ Mary Jane (JIM SHARP’s Buddha edit) (2017)

DUSTY DONUTS 11:  Risin' To The Top (JIM SHARP edit)/ Mary Jane (JIM SHARP's Buddha edit)Like cream, the Dusty Donuts label rises to the top again with a richly smooth re-drummed edit of Keni Burke’s slick slab of eighties silk – er –
Risin’ To The Top as Jim Sharp cynically targets anything female with a pulse. Then he goes in for the kill with another re-drummed re-version – the bass-heavy ‘Buddha edit’ of that classic seventies musical personification of marijuana as a sexy lady, Mary

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS: Hot Pants – I’m Coming Coming I’m Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7″ (2017)

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS:  Hot Pants - I'm Coming Coming I'm Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7Rating: ★★★★★★★ Not that this needs any plugging you understand because I can imagine that like DJ Soopasoul’s other two recent massive sets of seven inch funk edits, this 45 is very likely to sell out. Indeed – you’ll be lucky to find a copy of Vol. 1 – his subtle tweak of the queen of soul’s Respect. This time around though, Soop. done stole Bobby Byrd’s not-in-any-way sexual Hot

DR DUBENSTEIN: Conspiracy Theory (2017)

If there was ever a genre of music made to soundtrack conspiracy and rumour, it’s dub reggae. Echo vies with counter-echo, there’s an ever-present bass rumble of danger and it always seems to be performed in darkened, pungent environments where varying levels of paranoia are a given for some reason. And if there was ever a time that epitomised conspiracy it’s the current era of


HELP SAVE THE LONDON INTNL SKA FESTIVAL:  Become a patronThe London Ska Festival is a massive annual event spread across three days every April which regularly features around a hundred bands as well as DJs and films to celebrate all iterations of ska and rocksteady music from its calypso and rnb pre-history, to its Jamaican heyday, the 2-Tone revival and beyond. And it has run for the last twenty-nine years. But this year’s festival may be


RENEGADE BRASS BAND:  TotemsHas it really been three years since Renegade Brass Band’s debut LP Rhymes, Beats & Brass? It seems so and thus high time for a follow-up which they have duly provided in the form of splendiforous nine-tracker Totems which weighs in at one track longer than its predecessor. Only nine tracks? Damn straight – and even that requires a monumental amount of puff (not that kind) in a

VARIOUS: Funky Chimes – Belgian Grooves From The 70s (2017)

Funky Chimes - Belgian Grooves From The 70sRating: ★★★★★ It shouldn’t be that surprising that Belgium managed to provide some super-dope funky grooves back in the day – it is after all the land that spawned the much-sampled Chakachas. What is surprising however, is how long this funky legacy has taken to be discovered or at least re-discovered. Happily, the SDBAN label’s Funky Chicken compilation from a few years ago certainly

APOSTLES: ‘Banko Woman/ Faith, Luck & Music’ 7″ (2017)

APOSTLES:  'Banko Woman/ Faith, Luck & Music' 7Crate digger label extraordinaire Cultures Of Soul have, in recent memory, explored Caribbean disco, Bollywood disco, and Brazilian funk. For this forthcoming release however, they turn their attentions to Nigeria to bring two ‘never before on 45’ LP cuts by Nigerian afro-funkers Apostles to seven inch wax. The A-side features the afro-disco title track off the 1977 Banko Woman LP which is

MUNGO’S HI-FI feat. JOHNNY CLARKE: ‘Rain Keeps Falling’ Record Store Day 7″ (2017)

MUNGO'S HI-FI feat. JOHNNY CLARKE:  'Rain Keeps Falling' Record Store Day 7What could Mungo’s Hi-Fi do that would be special for Record Store Day? Only the Rain Keeps Falling 7″ featuring roots reggae legend Johnny Clarke on a totally original riddim! Clarke made his name in the 70s recording first with rocksteady man Clancy Eccles on production and subsequently and most famously with Bunny Lee and the Aggrovators in helping pioneer the ‘flyers’ style of reggae. And

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